Counseling Services

Diagnostic Evaluations:  Written addiction evaluations for submission to District/Circuit courts, Secretary of State (driver’s license restoration), Friend of the Court, employers and attorneys. Evaluation entail a 50 minute clinical interview, testing as needed, drug testing as needed. Adults and adolescents. Additional psychological testing may be referred out.

Individual, Couples and Family Therapy:  Sessions are typically 50 minutes long although longer sessions may be scheduled as needed. My approach has been described as direct and actively involved in the session. Whereas some counselors prefer to just sit and listen I do tend to be more engaged with the client. My preference in to work with clients with other who are important in their life, although I do work with clients on an individual basis.

Group Therapy: I believe that we get sick and stay sick most often in isolation, and we get well most quickly in community. Therefore, I prefer to see people in group whenever possible. I find groups to be a more effective and efficient method of treatment. Most people resist the notion of being in a group initially. Once we have established a relationship of trust I will likely encourage you to sit in on a group to see it for yourself. Presently i have men’s addiction groups for both alcohol/drug dependency and sexual addiction, woman’s groups for addiction and co-addiction, couples group. Other groups are offered as needed.

I am familiar with local therapists and programs, as well as those across the country. When indicated I will refer to programs and therapist I know and trust. In most cases I have both visited and participated in the program I refer to.

Workshops being planned:

Relationship Trauma Recovery workshop using the model developed by:                                                      Dr.Tian Dayton PhD

Adult Children of Addicted, Traumatic or otherwise Dysfunctional Families workshop