Recovery works.

I just came out of a small group session and am once again aware of the power of group therapy. Many of you are well aware of my preference, based on my belief that ‘we need community to truly heal’, despite of our fears of being judged, hurt or ridiculed by others. There are so many factors in todays world that lead us into more isolated lives. the paradox of our technology advancements is that, with the promise of ‘connecting the world’, we have lost the connections we most need.

While in high school I read the book ‘Future Shock’ by Alvin Toffler. In it he forecasted the world in which we now live, in terms of the pace of change, and our capacity to hold up under the strain of its relentless movement through our lives, and those of our loved ones.

Building connections that meet basic human needs does not happen by chance, it is possible, but it must be intentional, and once developed they must be maintained. this is one of my greatest personal recovery challenges, and I am truly inspired by the courageous work I witness daily in those I work with.